Copper time

It’s getting there…. Autumn….. Colors are turning yellow and copper. My favorite time of the year.

I found a new place to be walking, the Swift creek Land conservancy park in Cary. I thought it is so pretty. Trails along the creek with lots of big old trees and roots showing. Perfect to photograph. This X on the trail was a great starting bonus. As seeing an X in nature always equals the kiss sign to me. Started to like this Swift creek park. πŸ™‚


Found some new things growing on trees there. Never before seen things for me.


My internet search found me to believe it’s called, Bladdernut. Who knew. Growing on a tree. Apparently they are from Europe. The word Blad in Dutch means leaf, so that would make sense. Won’t get into the English explanatory version. Always have to laugh a bit how some things get named here. F.i. how many yellow bellied animals can one name. πŸ™‚

And, I also found these. They reminded me of the Netherlands. You can find them easily out there. Always brought some home with me back then. Their color is so warm and they’re so shiny when just on the ground. To me one of the first signs of Summer changing to Fall.


As I walked on I bumped into a sign. It read a very beautiful poem. It was dedicated to “my mother” and parts of it read:

I am a curly-haired child walking over piedmont hills, brushing against rounded white oaks lobes. By myself, but not alone….

Imagining the living space among rooted brown earth and light floating leaves falling at my feet….

Such lovely choice of words. Somehow the words made me emotional and while I wandered off in thoughts I had walked towards the edge of the creek. Many leaves were falling down as a thunderstorm was approaching. One leaf landed right in front of me. Perfect positioned. Shadow and all. Yet one more gift from Swift creek.Β  Guess I’ll be back.


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