Blue Present

It would have been my dad’s 82nd birthday yesterday. He always was on the look out for birds. Especially birds of prey. And early yesterday morning the patio door was open as the weather was great and I heard a loud squeaking sound that sounded like a couple of hawks. They were loud. Have seen them fly by and heard them before while in the yard and am guessing they are building a nest around. So I brought my camera out to try if I could catch a glimpse of them and see if I could perhaps locate their nest as it sounded so close.
Unfortunately when I got out I heard their squeaking move further out and they would not to be seen. Yet it was a beautiful Sunday morning so I stayed out on the patio and soaked up some vitamin D. Our new puppy also joined me and was playing with some of his toys. Always a joy to watch (and photograph). But all of a sudden I see a blue dot in one of the pine trees.


It was a gorgeous Bluebird. Pretty close too. And it stayed put right in the tree.


I had seen them before as well. As they had fluttered through the yard. But this one even stayed around with the dog out, that hadn’t happened before.

And then I saw her, Mrs. Bluebird! She headed straight to one of the birdhouses in our yard. Yes!!! What a wonderful thing.


Then Mr. Bluebird checked it out. And they were both resting a bit on the branch right in front of the birdhouse. Like me, on their patio. So super cute.


Ever since I moved to NC I fell in love with Bluebirds. I think they’re so pretty. A very common bird for around here, I know. But imagine if you had never seen one and one day you’ll see those deep blue wings and tail feathers fly by. I truly had to pause for a bit and asked myself what was that?! The males are just striking in color. So I started to get Bluebird specific bird food for at the feeder, but they never seemed to like the yard. But now in the new place that changed, as it looks like they’re building a nest in the birdhouse. Truly hope they will. *Note to myself; get more mealworm suets 🙂

What a beautiful and long awaited present on this special day.

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?

~Rachel Carson

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