Spring up

No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.
~Sheryl Crow

I had walked at Swift Creek Bluffs Nature Preserve before, but not in Spring. And how different that is!  It explodes with wildflowers in Spring. Such a great thing to see. Have been back twice now and the second time armed with my camera, to capture all those pretty flowers. Bright and so colorful among the fresh greens of Spring.


Along side the trail Wild Geraniums are abundantly blooming. So pretty….


The Foam Flowers I found a little further out. Bright whites and so delicate.

wildflower swiftcreek2018-2039-2wildflower swiftcreek2018-2040-2

Even the Spring Beauties were still blooming. The colder nights might have helped them. Small Beauties indeed and so detailed when you look at them up close.

wildflower swiftcreek2018-2009wildflower swiftcreek2018-2018-2

The walk is very pretty along the creek and I really wanted to go back there before a storm came through, as all that rain would hurt all those blooming flowers I thought. Yet I was surprised that there was still a lot of water standing and it looked like all those flowers had survived the rain earlier that week pretty well.


And that makes for great reflection view with the fresh Spring greens popping up from all the trees.

wildflower swiftcreek2018-2004

I had never seen this plant, Jack in the Pulpit, before. It was so cool. Hiding among its same colored green leaves, it was a great find. What a cool looking plant.

wildflower swiftcreek2018-2017-2

Same as this tiny Indian strawberry plant. Bright yellow and easily spotted by that bright color.

wildflower swiftcreek2018-2022

The Painted Buckeye was blooming as well. Abundantly…. Love their leaves and the flowers seem like a big bonus now. Framing them both in one picture is just super luck isn’t it?

wildflower swiftcreek2018-2030-2


But the most beautiful find to me were the Atamasco lilies.  In all the fresh green  there were 5 of those white serene flowers waiting to pose in front of the lens along the trail. So pretty!

wildflower swiftcreek2018-1987

wildflower swiftcreek2018-1993-2

What a happy find…. And what a great way to escape a chaotic world at times. Just zen a little among some cool flowers. Not pretending to be any more beautiful than they already are….

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