Sometimes I feel sorry for the people that have to deal with me on a regular basis. I mean, for instance, last week. While walking through the lamp department of Ikea, not a very out of the ordinary place to act up one might think. But yet I can totally make it very awkward, pretty fast.

As my eye caught the sight of this lamp. It had the most awesome design. And the light hit it in a very special way. Sculptured almost.

Before I knew it I was standing almost underneath the lamp staring up, like a child would do. And felt the incredible urge to capture my view from that angle. It was so beautiful.

But who brings a big camera into Ikea. Not even me. Yet the shape of the blades of this lamp. I felt my iPhone burning in my pocket. But didn’t pull it out. That would be very awkward taking pictures half upside down on the lamp department of Ikea. So I said to my self, step away. Step away now. Do it. Slowly….

And I did. I did one step and another and I was about 10 feet further away from that incredible photography “have to capture for keepsake” attraction. I did it I had put my back towards this incredible lamp.

But then, I gave it one more look half way over my shoulder. Maybe I should not have done that. Because nope, it wasn’t happening. No way I could leave this Ikea without a picture of that lamp. In 5 huge steps I was back at the lamp and already had pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and was making pictures of a lamp like you wouldn’t believe.


By now one might wonder what lamp was it? So here it is, so you’ll be warned when you are entering Ikea next time, the Skymningen lamp.

This is what it looks like, according to Ikea.


Yet this is what I saw with my weird and embarrassing habit, without truly any substance abuse taking place, yet hanging with my head halfway inside this awesome lamp

Gorgeous isn’t it? Mesmerizing maybe even. Like a fresh opening flower or a beautiful wing of a bird. The flow of it was just perfect. How can one not capture this? Or even think of just walking by. It totally charged up my Ikea visit. I would so want to have a big canvas size print of it. Somewhere near the front door, so whenever I leave the house, I face the world with a smile.

I know, it’s like I said at the beginning. As I’m not so sure it did the same for any of my other co-shoppers. They might have taken a video of me taking a picture of that lamp and one day it will go viral am sure!

But yet I do think it makes life prettier. Because it can be rough out there at times. What better than find beauty and happiness in little things at unexpected places. A little friendly awkwardness makes the world a happier place right? Finding unexpected beauty can totally make my day. At least that’s what I say more than once to myself and the people that have to deal with me on a regular basis. It helps!

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