This Saturday I helped photographed the March for Science in Raleigh, NC. I feel facts and therewith science, especially on the environment are so incredible important.


I’ve said it before, there is no planet B.


And while we all go on with our daily lives, will our kid’s grand kids still see the birds we are seeing. Be able to swim in oceans and be wondered by crazy colored fish? Smell the fragrance on certain flowers and have great parks to enjoy?  And not only that, have clean drinking water and pesticide free veggies?  Be safe from storms and rising water levels? Have access to effective and affordable meds to diseases that will be prudent to fight.  Questions that should be asked and not tried not to dumb down all for monetary gain. There’s science now and there should be science in and for the future. I think that matters. Alternating the facts won’t make it go away. The facts & science matters and really need to be addressed.  Not taking action is no option in my opinion.


As a kid I already felt that way. Was a youth member of Greenpeace and had several elementary school presentations on them. I was dead serious then and still feel strongly about it now. I sometimes wonder are there any kids like me back then out there nowadays. And it felt wonderful that there are kids that ask the right questions. And with such determination too. Loved seeing them so active Saturday!


These high school girls from ACE gave an awesome speech at the rally, on how they are involved in educating others on the climate. And will act on it. They gave me hope!

One day they will turn 18 and let their voices even more heard. Science rules!


Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.
~Louis Pasteur