Morning comes

Over the vistas broke a cold gray light, such as seen in those false dawns that are neither night nor true morning, when the world and all its contents seem but shapes of mist…..
― K.W. Jeter, Morlock Night


A few days ago I was driving along some country roads and the morning mist gave the barns in the fields a completely different look. The softening light on old structures made it dreamy. Their true colors still came through but it needed a lot of work to see them. All seemed beautifully foggy. I so liked it. Like a barrier from the normally harsh sunlight.



This rusty barn complemented the tree behind it on this Autumn morning. No shades no strong lines or distinct character. Just soft lines on broken doors and the warm colors trying to be seen through the thick mist. Was happy I brought my camera along to capture that moment. It was a special light and the silence surrounding felt as a strange kind of peaceful.

I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like silence,
listening to silence.
– Thomas Hood